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Merchandise Exports

The best
China [+]€2,844,304.9M
United States [+]€1,483,535.8M
Germany [+]€1,380,136.4M
Netherlands [+]€708,193.7M
Japan [+]€639,242.1M
The worst
Tuvalu [+]€0.1M
Palau [+]€2.5M
Kiribati [+]€8.0M
Dominica [+]€15.9M
Sao Tome and Principe [+]€16.1M

Merchandise Imports

The worst
United States [+]€2,483,419.1M
China [+]€2,272,367.8M
Germany [+]€1,201,745.9M
Japan [+]€650,186.5M
Netherlands [+]€641,699.2M

Trade balance

The best
China [+]€571,937.1M
Germany [+]€178,390.5M
Russia [+]€160,732.2M
United Arab Emirates [+]€89,314.3M
Saudi Arabia [+]€87,422.0M
The worst
United States [+]€-999,883.3M
United Kingdom [+]€-191,376.8M
India [+]€-149,752.2M
France [+]€-109,655.8M
Philippines [+]€-41,663.4M