Samoa Samoa

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Samoa, is a country located at Micronesia, it has an area of 2,840 Km2 so it is one of the smallest countries in the world.

Samoa, with a population of 197,097 people, it is one of the least populous country in the world and it has a moderate population density, 69 people per km2.

It's capital is Apia and its currency is Talas

Samoa is holding the 187 position by nominal GDP. Its national debt in 2020 was 329 millions of euros (376 millions of dollars), ( 46.69% debt-to-GDP ratio) and its public debt per capita is 1,668€ euros per inhabitant1,906$ dollars per inhabitant.

In terms of the human development index (HDI) of Samoa, which is the index used by the United Nations to measure the progress of a country, was 0.715 points in 2019, leaving it in 112th place in the table of 189 countries published.

If the reason to visit Samoa are business, you must know it's in the 90th of the Doing Business ranking , which provides objective measures of business regulations for local firms.

In the tables at the bottom of the page, you can see more information about the economy and demography of Samoa, if you want to see information about other countries click here

Apia: Monthly Temp.
Apia: Monthly Rainfall
Samoa Economy
Annual GDP [+]2020704M.€
Annual GDP [+]2020804M.$
GDP per capita [+]20203,571€
GDP per capita [+]20204,079$
Debt (M.€.) [+]2020329
Debt (M.$.) [+]2020376
Debt (%GDP) [+]202046.69%
Debt Per Capita [+]20201,668€
Debt Per Capita [+]20201,906$
Deficit (M.€) [+]202044
Deficit (M.$) [+]202050
Deficit (%GDP) [+]20206.20%
Expenditure (M.€) [+]2020227.5
Expenditure (M.$) [+]2020259.8
Education Expenditure (M.€) [+]201629.5
Education Expenditure (M.$) [+]201632.6
Education Expenditure (%Bud.) [+]201610.48%
Gov. Health Exp. (M.€) [+]201730.1
Gov. Health Exp.(M.$) [+]201734.0
Gov. Health Exp. (%Bud.) [+]201711.58%
Expenditure (%GDP) [+]202032.29%
Expenditure Per Capita [+]20201,154€
Expenditure Per Capita [+]20201,318$
Education Expenditure P.C [+]2016150€
Education Expenditure P.C [+]2016167$
Gov. Health Exp. P.C. [+]2017154€
Gov. Health Exp. P.C. [+]2017174$
Corruption Index [+]201452
Fragile States Index [+]201865.5
Doing Business [+]201990º
Standard VAT [+]01/01/201115.00%
Top tax rate + SSC [+]202027.0%
Annual arrivals [+]2019172,284
Exports [+]202032.6 M.€
Exports [+]202037.2 M.$
Exports % GDP [+]20204.63%
Imports [+]2020272.8 M.€
Imports [+]2020311.6 M.$
Imports % GDP [+]202038.75%
Trade balance [+]2020-240.2 M.€
Trade balance [+]2020-274.3 M.$
Trade balance % GDP [+]2020-34.12%
Density [+]201969
Remittance received (M.$) [+]2017142.9
% Immigrant [+]20192.05%
% Emigrant [+]201963.12%
Birth Rate [+]201824.38‰
Remittance sent (M.$) [+]201710.3
Crude death rate [+]20185.24‰
Fertility Rate [+]20183.88
Population [+]2019197,097
Immigrant stock [+]20194,035
Emigrant stock [+]2019124,403
HDI [+]20190.715
Life expectancy [+]201873.19
Suicides [+]201511
Suicide rate [+]20155.70
Number of homicides [+]20136
Rate Homicides per 100.000 [+]20133.15
Energy and Environment
CO2 Tons per capita [+]20190.70
Consumption GWh [+]2018124
Generation GWh [+]2018133
COVID-19 - Confirmed [+]06/21/20213
Fully vaccinated [+]05/03/20210
Doses administered [+]05/03/20217,435