• Capital: N Djamena
  • Population: 15,477,751
  • Surface Area: 1,284,000 km2
  • Currency: Franco Central African CFA franc
  • Religion: Mostly Islam
  • Belongs to: ACP, ECCAS, IMF, UN, AU

Chad, is a country located at Middle Africa, it has an area of 1,284,000 Km2, and it may be considered a large country.

Chad, with a population of 15,477,751 people, it is ranked at 72º position by population of 196 countries and it has a low population density, 12 people per km2.

The capital is N Djamena and its currency is Franco Central African CFA franc

Chad is holding the 142 position by nominal GDP. Its national debt in 2017 was 4,441 millions of euros5,018 millions of dollars, ( 49.76% debt-to-GDP ratio) and its public debt per capita is 296€ euros per inhabitant334$ dollars per inhabitant.

In terms of the human development index (HDI) of Chad, which is the index used by the United Nations to measure the progress of a country, was 0.404 points in 2017, leaving it in 186th place in the table of 189 countries published.

If the reason to visit Chad are business, you must know it's in the 181th of the Doing Business ranking , which provides objective measures of business regulations for local firms.

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Chad Economy
Annual GDP [+]20189,545M.€
Annual GDP [+]201811,273M.$
GDP per capita [+]2018617€
GDP per capita [+]2018728$
Debt [+]20174,441
Debt [+]20175,018
Debt (%GDP) [+]201749.76%
Debt Per Capita [+]2017296€
Debt Per Capita [+]2017334$
Deficit (M.€) [+]2018185
Deficit (M.$) [+]2018218
Deficit (%GDP) [+]20181.94%
Expenditure (M.€) [+]20171,328.1
Expenditure (M.$) [+]20171,500.3
Education Expenditure (M.€) [+]2018214.0
Education Expenditure (M.$) [+]2018252.7
Education Expenditure (%Bud.) [+]201817.21%
Gov. Health Exp. (M.€) [+]201763.3
Gov. Health Exp.(M.$) [+]201771.5
Gov. Health Exp. (%Bud.) [+]20174.68%
Defence Expenditure (M.€) [+]2018203.3
Defence Expenditure (M.$) [+]2018240.1
Defence Expenditure (%Bud.) [+]201814.64%
Expenditure (%GDP) [+]201714.88%
Expenditure Per Capita [+]201788€
Expenditure Per Capita [+]2017100$
Education Expenditure P.C [+]201814€
Education Expenditure P.C [+]201816$
Gov. Health Exp. P.C. [+]20174€
Gov. Health Exp. P.C. [+]20175$
Defence Expenditure P.C. [+]201813€
Defence Expenditure P.C. [+]201816$
Corruption Index [+]201819
Competitiveness Ranking [+]2019141º
Fragile States Index [+]2018108.3
Human Capital Ranking [+]2017122º
Doing Business [+]2019181º
Annual arrivals [+]201787,000
Exports [+]20192,108.1 M.€
Exports [+]20192,360.0 M.$
Exports % GDP [+]201828.34%
Imports [+]20191,992.0 M.€
Imports [+]20192,230.0 M.$
Imports % GDP [+]201819.16%
Trade balance [+]2019116.2 M.€
Trade balance [+]2019130.0 M.$
Trade balance % GDP [+]20189.18%
Density [+]201812
Global Peace Ranking [+]2020134º
% Immigrant [+]20193.31%
% Emigrant [+]20191.33%
Birth Rate [+]201842.17‰
Remittance sent (M.$) [+]2017238.5
Crude death rate [+]201812.10‰
Fertility Rate [+]20185.75
Population [+]201815,477,751
Immigrant stock [+]2019512,230
Emigrant stock [+]2019206,400
HDI [+]20170.404
Gender Gap Ranking [+]2018145º
Life expectancy [+]201853.98
Suicides [+]20151,228
Suicide rate [+]20158.70
Energy and Environment
CO2 Tons per capita [+]20180.05
Annual crude oil production [+]2019128
Crude Oil Reserves (Million barrels) [+]20201,500.0
Consumption GWh [+]2018213
Generation GWh [+]2018229
COVID-19 - Recovered [+]11/25/20201,494
COVID-19 - Deaths [+]11/25/2020101
COVID-19 - Deaths per million population [+]11/25/20206.53
COVID-19 - Confirmed [+]11/25/20201,655