Canary Islands Canary Islands

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  • Capital: Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • Population: 2,244,423
  • Surface Area: 7,447 km2
  • Current Government: CC

Canary Islands, is a autonomous community of Spain, it has an area of 7,447 Km2, so it is one of the smallest autonomous communities in Spain.

Canary Islands, with a population of 2,244,423 people, it is ranked at 7th position by population of 19 autonomous communities and it has a high population density, with 301 people per km2.

Canary Islands is holding the 8 position by nominal GDP, it was worth 47,164 millions of euros47,164 millions of dollars in 2019, and the GDP per capita was €21,244$23,603.

Its debt in 2020 was 6,412 millions of euros7,324 millions of dollars, (15.1% debt-to-GDP ratio) and its public debt per capita was €2,857 euros per inhabitant$3,263 dollars per inhabitant.

The last annual rate of CPI published in Canary Islands was on October of 2021 and it was 4.2%.

In the tables at the bottom of the page, you can see more information about the economy and demography of Canary Islands, if you want to see information about other autonomous communities click economy of the autonomous communities of Spain

Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Monthly Temp.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Monthly Rainfall
Canary Islands Economy
Annual GDP [+]2019€47,164M
Annual GDP [+]2019$52,800M
GDP per capita [+]2019€21,244
GDP per capita [+]2019$23,603
Debt (M.€.) [+]20206,412
Debt ($M) [+]20207,324
Debt (%GDP) [+]202015.10%
Debt Per Capita [+]2020€2,857
Debt Per Capita [+]2020$3,263
Deficit (M.€) [+]2020182
Deficit ($M) [+]2020208
Deficit (%GDP) [+]20200.43%
S&P Rating [+]09/25/2019A
Fitch Rating [+]04/20/2018BBB
Unemployment rate [+]2021Q323.9%
Unemployed [+]2021Q3276K
US Dollar exchange rate [+]12/03/20210.8857
CPI (overall index) [+]October 20214.2%
PPI Year on Year [+]December 20171.0%
Money Market
Key rates [+]10/17/20170%
Doing Business [+]201512º
Passengers vehicles Year [+]June 201919,216
Annual Vehicles/ 1,000 p. [+]October 201822.39
Top tax rate + SSC [+]201946.5%
Annual arrivals [+]20203,787,228
Exports [+]2019€2,674.4M
Exports % GDP [+]20195.67%
Imports [+]2019€3,548.2M
Imports % GDP [+]20197.52%
Trade balance [+]2019€-873.9M
Trade balance % GDP [+]2019-1.85%
Density [+]2020301
Crude divorce rate [+]20191.99‰
Birth Rate [+]20205.86‰
Crude death rate [+]20207.31‰
Fertility Rate [+]20200.88
Crude marriage rate [+]20202.14‰
% risk of poverty [+]202029.9%
Population [+]20202,244,423
HDI [+]20150.855
Life expectancy [+]202082.73
Suicides [+]2020208
Suicide rate [+]20209.27
COVID-19 - Deaths [+]12/02/20211,055
COVID-19 - Confirmed [+]12/02/2021104,886
Fully vaccinated [+]12/02/20211,651,388
COVID-19 - Deaths per million population [+]12/02/2021470.05
Doses administered [+]12/02/20213,343,937

Resultados Electorales de Canary Islands