• Capital: Melilla
  • Population: 84,286
  • Surface Area: 12 km2
  • Current Government: PP

Melilla, is a autonomous community of Spain, it has an area of 12 Km2, so it is one of the smallest autonomous communities in Spain.

Melilla, with a population of 84,286 people, it is one of the least populous autonomous communities in Spain and it has a high population density, with 7,024 people per km2.

Melilla is the th largest economy in Spain by nominal GDP, it was worth millions of euros millions of dollars in, and the GDP per capita was €19,073$.

The last annual rate of CPI published in Melilla was on September of 2020 and it was 0%.

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Melilla: Monthly Temp.
Melilla: Monthly Rainfall
Melilla Economy
Annual GDP [+]20191,610M.€
Annual GDP [+]20191,802M.$
GDP per capita [+]201919,073€
GDP per capita [+]201921,381$
Unemployment rate [+]2020Q223.4%
Unemployed [+]2020Q29 m.
CPI (overall index) [+]September 20200%
Doing Business [+]201513º
Passengers vehicles Year [+]June 2019419
Annual Vehicles/ 1,000 p. [+]October 20189.81
Top tax rate + SSC [+]201945.0%
Density [+]20197,024
Crude divorce rate [+]20152.24‰
Birth Rate [+]201914.77‰
Crude death rate [+]20195.78‰
Fertility Rate [+]20192.19
Crude marriage rate [+]20193.58‰
% risk of poverty [+]201935.7%
Population [+]201984,286
HDI [+]20150.827
Life expectancy [+]201980.83
Suicides [+]20154
Suicide rate [+]20154.72
COVID-19 - Recovered [+]10/18/2020125
COVID-19 - Deaths [+]10/18/202010
COVID-19 - Deaths per million population [+]10/18/2020118.64
COVID-19 - Confirmed [+]10/18/20201,764

Resultados Electorales de Melilla