Italy Italy unemployment rate

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Italy: Unemployment less than 25 years 2021
 Unemployment less than 25 years
February 202131.6%
January 202132.7%
December 202029.7%
November 202029.4%
October 202029.8%
September 202029.3%
August 202031.2%
July 202030.8%
June 202029.7%
May 202028.3%
April 202026.2%
March 202027.7%
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Italy: Unemployment less than 25 years 2021

In this page you can see data of Italy unemployment rate. The unemployment rate expresses the proportion of people unemployed compare to labour force in Italy.

Italy unemployment rate = Number Italy unemployed / Number of Labour force people in Italy

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If you want to compare the unemployment of Italy with other countries, see unemployment .