CPI Luxembourg July of 2017

Luxembourgers CPI increased up to 1.9% year-on-year in July of 2017

The annual variation rate of the CPI in Luxembourg in July of 2017 was 1.9% , 4 tenths higher than the month before.The monthly variation rate of the CPI (Consumer Price Index) has been -0.7%, and thus the accumulated inflation in 2016 is 0.9%

We must highlight the increase of 2.2% in the prices of Recreation and culture, until its interannual rate reached 4%, which is in contrast to the decrease in the prices of Clothing and footwear of -13.4%, and an interannual variation of 4.1%.

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CPI Luxembourg July 2017
 InterannualAccum. from January: Monthly Change
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CPI (overall index) [+]1.9%
Food and non-alcoholic beverages [+]2.9%
Alcoholic beverages and tobacco [+]2.4%
Clothing and footwear [+]4.1%
Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels [+]1.0%
Furniture, household equipment and maintenance [+]0.9%
Health [+]1.8%
Transport [+]0.9%
Communication [+]-3.2%
Recreation and culture [+]4.0%
Education [+]2.5%
Restaurants and hotels [+]1.8%
Miscellaneous goods and services [+]2.9%
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