Germany Germany unemployment rate

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Germany: Unemployment rate by sex and age
Germany: Unemployment
2020 2019
Unemployment Rate4.0%3.3%
Male unemployment4.4%3.7%
Female unemployment3.6%2.9%
Unemployment less than 25 years8.0%5.9%
Gender Differences in unemployment-0.8%-0.8%
Male unemployment less than 25 years8.1%6.6%
Female unemployment less than 25 years7.9%5.0%
Unemployment over 24 years3.6%3.0%
Male unemployment 25 years and over3.9%3.4%
Female unemployment 25 years and over3.1%2.6%
Germany: Unemployment

Here you can see data of Germany unemployment rate. The unemployment rate expresses the proportion of people unemployed compare to labour force in Germany.

Germany unemployment rate = Number Germany unemployed / Number of Labour force people in Germany

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If you want to compare the unemployment of Germany with other countries, see unemployment .