Indonesia Indonesia: LFS - Labour Force Survey

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LFS - Population in thousands
LFS - Indonesia: Unemployment rate by sex and age
LFS - Unemployment Indonesia 2020Q3
Unemployed [+]7,333 m.4,725 m.2,608 m.
Unemployed less than 25 years [+]3,662 m.2,177 m.1,485 m.
Unemployed over 24 years [+]3,671 m.2,548 m.1,123 m.
Unemployed from 25 to 54 years [+]3,409 m.2,346 m.1,062 m.
Unemployed over 55 years [+]262 m.201 m.61 m.
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LFS - Indonesia: Number of unemployed by sex and age
LFS - Indonesia: Unemployment
LFS - Indonesia: Unemployment