Palau Palau - Life expectancy at birth

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Life expectancy in Palau is reduced to 69.13 years

In 2005 the life expectancy in Palau decreased to 69.13 years.

That year, the life expectancy for women was 72.1 years and for men 66.3 years.

Palau’s position worsened with respect to the 193 countries we publish said data, dropping from the 98th in 2000 to 109th in 2005.

If we look at the change in life expectancy in Palau over the past several years, we find that it is lower than in 2000, when it was 70.49 years, which is the same of what happens compared to 1995, when it was 71.84 years.

In this page we show you the progression of the life expectancy in Palau. You can see the life expectancy in other countries in life expectancy and see all the information about Palau in Palauan economy.

Palau - Life expectancy at birth
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Palau - Life expectancy at birth
Palau - Life expectancy at birth