Italy Italy - New motor vehicle registrations

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Vehicle registrations - Italy. December of 2021

Italians sales of passenger car improve

In November, private car in Italyfell by 23.43% with respect to November of 2020. In total, 121,805 cars were registered in November and 1,697,990 new cars were sold in the last twelve months, 7.09% more than the year before.

Italy is among the ten countries where the greatest number of private cars have been registered in the last year, in ranking of 137 countries based on number of vehicle registrations.

Changes in Italian vehicle registration numbers are shown in the tables below. As several studies indicate, these changes are very much related to changes in GDP and, hence, to a country's economic situation. Sales have declined since 2011, as 1,749,074 were registered that year

Here we show you the progression of vehicle registrations in Italy. You can see car registrations in other countries in en vehicle registrations and see all the economic information about Italy in en Italian economy.

Italy - New motor vehicle registrations
DateCommercial vehicles MonthPassengers vehicles MonthMonthly vehicle salesMonthly Vehicles/ 1,000 p.Commercial vehicles YearPassengers vehicles YearAnnual vehicle salesAnnual Vehicles/ 1,000 p.
December 202186,6791,456,379
November 202117,327104,478121,8052.06208,8361,489,1541,697,99028.65
October 202116,050101,015117,0651.98212,1721,523,0811,735,25329.28
September 202115,958105,175121,1332.04217,0091,579,0441,796,05330.31
August 202110,25264,68974,9411.26219,0781,630,0011,849,07931.20
July 202117,599110,459128,0582.16220,1481,654,1131,874,26131.63
June 202118,665149,438168,1032.84222,5361,680,3071,902,84332.11
May 202119,464142,730162,1942.74221,6601,663,3261,884,98631.81
April 202119,418145,033164,4512.78215,1551,620,3071,835,46230.97
March 202120,895169,684190,5793.22198,3491,479,5531,677,90228.32
February 202118,381142,998161,3792.72184,1111,338,1951,522,30625.69
January 202114,692134,001148,6932.51182,3451,357,9901,540,33525.99
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Italy - New motor vehicle registrations
Italy - New motor vehicle registrations