Lithuania Lithuania - Household electricity prices

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ELECTRICITY PRICES - Lithuania December of 2023

Electricity price decreases in Lithuania

The average price of electricity in Lithuania, in December of 2023, has been 0.2223€ per kilowatt hour. Electricity price has decreased € 0.0597 kWh, 21.17% since the previous semester. Meanwhile, the average price of electricity without taxes in Lithuania in that period was € 0.1919 per kilowatt hour, €20.27% less than in the previous period, in which the price of electricity without taxes was €0.2407kWh.

In the last twelve months the price of electricity in Lithuania has fallen by 4.38%.

The average price of electricity since 2007 reached its maximum, €0.282kWh, in June of 2023 and its minimum price, €0.086 kWh, in June of 2008.

The difference between the price of electricity with and without taxes is € 0.0304 tax for each kilowatt hour, thus, 13.68% of what households pay for electricity in Lithuania.

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Lithuania - Household electricity prices
DateElec prices excl. tax €/kWhElec prices €/kWh
December 20230.19190.2223
June 20230.24070.2820
December 20220.20070.2429
June 20220.12050.1497
December 20210.11220.1477
June 20210.10030.1348
December 20200.09720.1321
June 20200.11110.1426
December 20190.09470.1254
June 20190.09470.1255
December 20180.07710.1097
June 20180.07710.1097
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Lithuania - Household electricity prices
Lithuania - Household electricity prices