Cyprus Cyprus - New motor vehicle registrations

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Vehicle registrations - Cyprus. April of 2022

Cypriots sales of passenger car improve

In March, private car in Cyprusfell by 9.85% with respect to March of 2021. In total, 1,034 cars were registered in March and 13,012 new cars were sold in the last twelve months, 10.58% more than the year before.

Cyprus is the 88 th-placed country in ranking of 137 countries based on number of vehicle registrations.

Here we show you the progression of vehicle registrations in Cyprus. You can see car registrations in other countries in en vehicle registrations and see all the economic information about Cyprus in en Cypriot economy.

Cyprus - New motor vehicle registrations
DateCommercial vehicles MonthPassengers vehicles MonthMonthly vehicle salesMonthly Vehicles/ 1,000 p.Commercial vehicles YearPassengers vehicles YearAnnual vehicle salesAnnual Vehicles/ 1,000 p.
April 202274710,759
March 20221868481,0341.152,07510,93713,01214.52
February 20221791,1011,2801.432,07211,05313,12514.65
January 20221581,1101,2681.422,04010,84612,88614.38
December 20211144946080.682,04010,57712,61714.08
November 20211937279201.032,06010,74212,80214.29
October 20212228141,0361.162,02811,03613,06414.58
September 20211791,0181,1971.341,94710,99612,94314.45
August 20211215877080.791,92310,88612,80914.30
July 20211941,1901,3841.541,95011,02812,97814.48
June 20212101,0951,3051.461,97710,89512,87214.37
May 20211821,0281,2101.352,01410,74712,76114.24
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Cyprus - New motor vehicle registrations
Cyprus - New motor vehicle registrations