Brazil Brazil - New motor vehicle registrations

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Vehicle registrations - Brazil. February of 2023

More February passenger car were sold in Brazil

In February, vehicle registrations in Brazil fell by 1.8% with respect to February of 2022. In total, 129,949 cars were registered and 2,118,413 new cars were sold in the last twelve months, 3.84% more than the year before.

The breakdown of car sales figures for the month of February is:

  • Commercial vehicles sold: 34,082, 5.52% more than in February of 2022.
  • Passenger cars regitrations: 95,867, which represents a figure of 4.16% less than in February of 2022.

Brazil is among the ten countries where the greatest number of cars have been registered in the last year, in ranking of 137 countries based on number of vehicle registrations.

A very useful variable for estimating the level of economic wealth enjoyed by Brazilians residents, when compared to the other countries in the ranking, is the number of vehicles sold or registered per thousand residents in the last year. With annual sales of 9.88 cars per 1,000 residents, 0.61 of them in the last month, Brazil, occupies 54th place in the ranking.

As can be seen, the number of registrations per thousand residents has fallen in the last year. A drop in registrations generally indicates a fall in consumer confidence and, when it is sustained, a recession in the real economy.

Changes in Brazilian vehicle registration numbers are shown in the tables below. As several studies indicate, these changes are very much related to changes in GDP and, hence, to a country's economic situation. Sales have declined since 2013, as 3,830,843 were registered that year, as have the number of registrations per thousand residents, which that year numbered 19.32.

Here we show you the progression of vehicle registrations in Brazil. You can see car registrations in other countries in en vehicle registrations and see all the economic information about Brazil in en Brazilian economy.

Brazil - New motor vehicle registrations
DateCommercial vehicles MonthPassengers vehicles MonthMonthly vehicle salesMonthly Vehicles/ 1,000 p.Commercial vehicles YearPassengers vehicles YearAnnual vehicle salesAnnual Vehicles/ 1,000 p.
February 202334,08295,867129,9490.61534,2561,584,1572,118,4139.88
January 202338,958103,894142,8520.67532,4731,588,3222,120,7959.90
December 202252,732164,191216,9231.01527,7951,576,6662,104,4619.82
November 202245,291158,720204,0110.95525,9541,568,6372,094,5919.77
October 202244,015136,892180,9070.84527,5251,536,0192,063,5449.63
September 202250,812143,166193,9780.91526,5311,518,4552,044,9869.54
August 202253,854154,753208,6070.97521,7081,484,3752,006,0839.36
July 202246,563135,431181,9940.85520,8101,449,4501,970,2609.19
June 202244,286133,781178,0670.83526,1021,437,6171,963,7199.16
May 202247,581139,483187,0640.87530,9371,437,1681,968,1059.18
April 202237,535109,707147,2420.69529,3331,440,3861,969,7199.19
March 202238,547108,272146,8190.69539,4511,458,1421,997,5939.32
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Brazil - New motor vehicle registrations
Brazil - New motor vehicle registrations