GDP at market prices

The best
United States [+]16,256,512M.€
China [+]10,076,878M.€
Japan [+]3,716,761M.€
Germany [+]3,032,820M.€
United Kingdom [+]2,577,280M.€

Government debt. Millions of EUR

The worst
United States [+]17,092,167 M.€
Japan [+]8,615,072 M.€
China [+]4,324,924 M.€
United Kingdom [+]2,269,874 M.€
Italy [+]2,172,673 M.€

Government budget deficit

The best
Kuwait [+]34,404 M.€
Norway [+]22,442 M.€
Germany [+]20,923 M.€
United Arab Emirates [+]14,985 M.€
Qatar [+]8,175 M.€
The worst
United States [+]-561,714 M.€
China [+]-270,822 M.€
Japan [+]-213,434 M.€
India [+]-129,002 M.€
United Kingdom [+]-111,693 M.€