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NATIONAL PUBLIC DEBT Solomon Islands 2014

Public debt in Solomon Islands goes down

In 2014 Solomon Islands public debt was 115 million euros 153 million dollars, has decreased 15 20 million since 2013.

This amount means that the debt in 2014 reached 13.28% of Solomon Islands GDP, a 2.26 percentage point fall from 2013, when it was 15.54% of GDP.

If we check the tables we can see the evolution of Solomon Islands debt. It has gone down since 2004 in global debt terms, when it was 170 million euros 211 million dollars , and also in terms of GDP percentage, when it amounted to 58.17%.

According to the last data point published, Solomon Islands per capita debt in 2014 was 201 euros266 dollars per inhabitant. In 2013 it was 231 euros 307 dollars, afterwards dropping by 30 euros 41dollars, and if we again check 2004 we can see that then the debt per person was 371 euros462 dollars .

The position of Solomon Islands, as compared with the rest of the world, has improved in 2014 in terms of GDP percentage. Currently it is country number 9 in the list of debt to GDP and 16 in debt per capita, out of the 185 we publish.

In this page we show you the progression of the public debt in Solomon Islands. You can see debt in other countries in Public debt and see all the information about Solomon Islands in economy of Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands: Debt evolution
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Solomon Islands: Debt evolution as percent of GDP

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