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GDP Lithuania 1992

GDP in Lithuania falls 21.3

Gross Domestic Product of Lithuania fell -21.3% in 1992 compared to last year. This rate is 156 -tenths of one percent less than the previous year, when changed -5.7%.

The GDP figure in 1992 was €1,589$8,562 million, Lithuania is number 30 in the ranking of GDP of the 35 countries that we publish. The absolute value of GDP in Lithuania rose €1,152$1,725 million with respect to 1991.

The GDP per capita of Lithuania in 1992 was €400$2,318, €282$458 higher than in 1991, it was €118$2,776.

If we order the countries according to their GDP per capita, Lithuania is in 34th position of the 35 countries whose GDP we publish.

Here we show you the progression of the GDP in Lithuania. You can see GDP in other countries in GDP and see all the economic information about Lithuania in Lithuania's economy.

Evolution: Annual GDP Lithuania
DateAnnual GDPAnnual GDPGDP Growth (%)
Evolution: GDP per capita Lithuania
DateGDP per capita GDP per capita GDP P.C. Annual GrowthGDP P.C. Annual Growth
Evolution: GDP growth rate at constant prices Lithuania
Evolution: GDP per capita Lithuania
GDP Lithuania