Poland Poland - Household electricity prices

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ELECTRICITY PRICES - Poland December of 2021

The price of electricity grows in Poland

The average price of electricity in Poland, in December of 2021, has been 0.1574€ per kilowatt hour. Electricity price has increased € 0.0026 kWh, 1.68% since the last semester. Meanwhile, the average price of electricity without taxes in Poland in that period was € 0.0882 per kilowatt hour, €4.23% less than in the previous period, in which the price of electricity without taxes was €0.0921kWh.

In the last twelve months the price of electricity in Poland has fallen by 7.45%.

From 2007 until now, the highest price of electricity in Poland has been € 0.1574 kWh, in December of 2021, while in June of 2009, electricity price was € 0.1131 kWh, its minimum price in this period.

Finally, if we compare the price of electricity with taxes and without taxes, we see that, in the last period, households paid € 0.0692 of taxes for each kilowatt hour, which means that 43.98% of what households pay for the electricity are taxes.

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Poland - Household electricity prices
DateElec prices excl. tax €/kWhElec prices €/kWh
December 20210.08820.1574
June 20210.09210.1548
December 20200.09530.1510
June 20200.09260.1475
December 20190.08670.1376
June 20190.08980.1343
December 20180.08890.1396
June 20180.09060.1410
December 20170.09500.1451
June 20170.09600.1446
December 20160.10530.1352
June 20160.10370.1332
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Poland - Household electricity prices
Poland - Household electricity prices